I live in Luleå, Sweden. Two hours from the Finnish border and the same to the arctic circle. All the nature close by has probably affected my work as an artist - I like to work with nature material both summer and winter. To work with natural shaped material gives an interesting and sensitive co-partner in every step. Quite often I have engaged in environmental art projects / Land Art workshops in villages and small communities. So far, mostly in northern Sweden and some in Finland. Every village has their own story to tell and for me it's inspiring to be a part of giving the story a visual form.

My own art in nature material has also moved indoors for exhibitions. The installations and sculptures for indoors become fragile, light and airy. Details and texture of the material come into focus.

My work in stone has currently two paths that I keep going back to; Stone children in monumental size and Meeting places. I like the idea of hundred, maybe even thousand of year’s perspective that you can do with stone, and I like the idea of the children in the spotlights. The other pathway is Meeting places. I create a sort of portal/meeting place between human and nature. The work is site specific and hopefully I will create meeting places all over the world.

Winters used to be for many years filled with snow and Ice work and Ice Music. My husband created Ice Music and together we travelled to many places to make Ice instruments and snow concert halls. For me it has been both as a sculptor and as a producer.



• 1994 -1997 Sunderby Art school, Sweden sculptural program
• 2000 -2001 Apprentice for a stone sculptor
• 2003 Short term course in Land Art


• 2021 Havremagasinet County of Art Hall, Boden, Sweden 
• 2018 Night festival, Korpilombolo, Sweden
• 2018 Norrbottens Museum, Luleå. Sweden
• 2018 Gallery Napa Rovaniemi, Finland
• 2015 House of fine arts , Culture House, Luleå
• 2008 Art hall, library, Haparanda, Sweden
• 2007 Gallery Sister, Luleå, Sweden
• 2005 Gallery Silver museum, Arjeplog, Sweden
• 2004 Museum Anna Norlander, Skellefteå, Sweden
• 2003 Gallery Pictor, Luleå, Sweden

• 2020 Luleå Biennial, Havremagasinet County Art Hall, Boden, Sweden
• 2019 ”Konst åt alla” Överkalix folkets hus arr. Riksorg. Folkets hus och parker, Sweden
• 2013 Deltakonst exhibit at Gallery Skåda, Luleå, Sweden
• 2013 Norrbottens embassy for art, Stockholm, Sweden (jury selected)
• 2012 Norrbottenssalongen, Luleå, Sweden (jury selected)
• 2009 Gallery Verkligheten exhibited Gallery Sister, Umeå, Sweden
• 2009 House of fine arts, ”Senses” on tour, Luleå, Sweden
• 2007 Research garden in Öjebyn, Sweden
• 2007 Palais Liechtenstein in Feltkirch, Austria
• 2014,13, 12, 11, 09, 07 Open Studio in Sandnäset, Sweden
• 2007, 04, 02 House of fine arts, Book & Art fair, Luleå, Sweden
• 2002 Sculpture exposé, Arvidsjaur, Sweden


• 2021 The Culture department of Sweden "Ground Anchor Prevent Stress" Stone sculpture
• 2017 Länsförsäkringar, Luleå ”Möt mig vid muren” embrodery
• 2009 Haparanda city Sweden”Stone Children; Pray, Dream, Embrace” Placed in Marielund
• 2007 The Culture department of Sweden”Cloud”, stone sculpture. Placed at Sundsvall’s court house
• 2004 Piteå City, Sweden” Anemone” stone sculpture with fountain function. Placed by the tourist office
• 2003 Luleå City, Sweden”Mantel I” bench sculpture in stone. Placed by Strand Shopping mall
• 1997 Norrbotten Region”Forward, forward!” concrete & plexi


• 2021 WS leader and project owner Land Art as art and culture development in villages and communities 2.0 Boden, Sweden
• 2021 WS leadar in ZOOM art educational project thru Havremagasinet County art hall in Överkalix, Sweden
• 2020 WS leader Sörbyn, Sweden
• 2020 Participated in Art up Punkaharju, Finland w. site specific work “Butterfly effect”
• 2019 Lecturer/ws leader for 7 LA ws Havremagasinet, Counth Art Hall, Boden, Sweden
• 2018 Participated in ART Äkäslompolo, Finland w. site specific work “Kohta/ Point”
• 2018 lecturer/ws leader Rovaniemi Universitet in Kuusamo, Finland
• 2017 lecturer/ws leader ART Äkäslompolo, Finland” Kohtamaa/ Encounter”
• 2016 Lecturer/ws leader Havremagasinet, Boden Sweden
• 2016 Guest teacher in Art school Sunderby Art School, Luleå, Sweden
• 2014 Participated in ART Ii Biennale” Ii, Finland w. site specific work “Stargate”
• 2011-12 Project leader and ws leader for Niemisel, Antnäs, Leipijärvi, Markusvinsa, Teurajärvi, Övre Soppero, Sweden.
• 2011 Participated in fire sculpture symposium Rovaniemi ”Riverlights”, Finland

•2003 Participated in “Trans Barents Symposium of Art” Norway-Sweden-Finland-Russia.
• 2006 Participated in”SilvrettAtelier” Silvretta, Austria. W. site specific work: “Meeting places”
• 2004–07 ws leader for Sävast, Luleå, Arvidsjaur, Arjeplog, Övertorneå in Sweden
• 2004 WS leader for Mullbacken, Hällbacken, Laisvall by, Laisvall Samhälle. ”Future Laisvall” Arjeplog, Sweden
• 2004, 2009 ws leader for The County council culture, Överkalix Hotel and Luleå culture dep. Luleå, Sweden

• 2021 Process leader during snow sculpting residency, Piteå, Sweden
• 2019 - 2020 admin. work. Ice Music Passo del Tonale, Italy
• 2018 sculptor and workshop leader for Norrbottens Museum, Sweden
• 2017 Coordinator winter wedding with snow and ice installation, sculpture Luleå, Sweden
• 2017 teacher Integration project with Havremagasinet County art hall and Boden, Sweden
• 2011-2018 Producer Ice Music in Swedish Lapland, Luleå, Sweden www.icemusic.se
• 2011 sculptor for snow ball music festival Avon, Colorado
• 2010 sculptor, Ice Music Taos New Mexico

• 2009- 2010 sculptor Ice Music concert hall Beaver Creek, Colorado. 
• 2007- 2008 sculptor Ice Music concert hall. Val Senales, Italien 

• 2006 Teatcher Experience industry program, Luleå technical university, Piteå
• 2006 sculpture for World Cup start gate area. Beaver Creek, Colorado. 
• 2004-2006 Sculptures for Beaver Creek Village and Hyatt Park Hotel.Beaver Creek, Colorado. 

• 2002-2003 sculptor two Ice Suites and one fountain w ice/mineral oil. Ice Hotel, Sweden
• 2004-2005 Sculptor “Swedish folkstories” Jamtli outdoor museum, Östersund, Sweden
• 2002, 2004, 2006 Coordinator and sculptor. Luleå Winter Biennale in Luleå, Sweden
• Since 1997 Sculptor Luleå, Umeå, Haparanda, Arjeplog in Sweden. Public artwork in city parks and city squares. Ice bares for events and hotels. Participated in sculpture festivals/ competitions in Sweden, Greenland, Latvia and Russia.

• 2004 Coordinator and Stone sculptor assistant. Kilen art group autumn symposium, Luleå, Sweden
• 2002 Product designer “Magnolia project” w. Bölebyns tannery and Bothnia Granit stone industry, Sweden
• 1999 Co-Project leader International sculpture symposium “Inside out” in Luleå, Sweden
• 1993, 1998-2003 Theater and film set design/ Set design assistant: Norrbottens Theater set design ass. 10 productions. Kalix TV-school set designer 2 prod. Institute Dramatics 1 prod. Piteå Chamber opera, set design ass. 4 prod. Lule Stass theatre set designer 1 prod. The house of Technique, Luleå set design ass. All in Sweden.
• Continuously hired as a lecturer

• KKV Lulea - The artists' collective workshop in Luleå, Sweden www.kkvlulea.se
• Kin - Artists in Norrbotten, Sweden www.k-i-n.se
• KC Nord - Artists' Centre in the north, Sweden www.kc-nord.org